Click to download the template. A reminder about applying online . Most HR departments use ATS software to search for keywords that match the job description before sending it for human review.

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Average read time is 10 seconds . Skim yourself and adjust accordingly

Keywords related to job description on original posting .

Jobscan is a nice tool.

80% of the time people are employed by who they know not what they know . Interestingly enough 80% of jobs are also not even posted online. NETWORKING is the key to success. There is a set of principles I apply to help me succeed and relationships are no different. Remembering the 80/20 rule is a good start.

When speaking I make it 80% about them and 20% about my interests. I try to make every interaction meaningful and i focus on making new connections as I move in and out of situations . Just like finding a roommate or looking for assistance in X, it seems to always be more comforting to use someone you know or attach a face to the name .

No one is special. There are thousands of people that do what you do , what makes you different is You are Selling a Feeling . If there is a certain career you are focusing on; Go and socialize in those places or use apps like Meetup to find people already succeeding in that field.