I woke up one day extremely jaded and confused. This feeling lasted quite a long time so i decided to write. I always believed the only way to make it in Vancouver was to be born into wealth. I don’t know if it was the combination of range rovers and beamers that cut me off on my way to work every morning , the over inflated prices of everything from rent to a loaf of bread , or maybe the fact that no matter how many hours i put into my decently paid job or career; I will never own a house with a yard . Was it the woman in yoga pants treating the homeless man like dirt as she sits at home and drinks two bottles of wine , or the barista looking at me awkwardly as i try to spark up a conversation that was not a 15 word coffee order.

Spending countless nights grinding away just to make someone else rich. Getting told “ It’s not about how many hours you did , it’s about how much you are going to do now ”. Something was wrong ; looking at my tax forms and wondering where it all went. Sitting at a poker table watching people blow what i make in a few months , in a few hands. I always told myself if only i had a slice. Unfortunately a constant need for instant gratification and the system being setup to keep me distracted , I spent years in a cycle of fear and pain. Knowing what i know now , i would have done it differently ; but lets chalk it up as an experience.

Basically just another millennial sharing his way getting ahead in Vancouver.